[Space] Yuri's Night Noisebridge presence

Mikolaj Habryn dichro at rcpt.to
Tue Mar 16 07:21:24 UTC 2010

Hey all - we've run a couple of proposals through the powers-that-be
that govern Yuri's Night, and been politely told that no, we can't
pollute the airspace with crazy flight experiments. However, a
proposal for a booth with a giant balloon tethered above it bristling
with electronics and dangling a huge Noisebridge banner would be

The only problem is that it requires some co-ordination and planning.
Anybody interested and have time this week for planning a Noisebridge
presence for Yuri's Night? Think of it as a practice run for Maker
Faire. Placement needs working out, tethering for the balloon, and
some specific ideas for what we want to do - hoist a Mooninite on
federal property, drop LED throwies from on high, set up monitors
relaying camera feeds from the balloon, anything vaguely
Noisebridge-ish. But we'd need a person or two to start talking to the
organizers sooner rather than later.



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