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Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 06:18:30 UTC 2010

I have the Spykee in hand and I am fairly confident that modifications can
be made.  That's what we do, after all.  Your ideas sound pretty neat.
 Since Meredith is taking the point on getting us in there, I think that
part should be covered.

We probably will need a better antenna.  I don't know of Jonathan Moore has
been keeping up on this discussion or not, but he's mentioned on several
occasions, he's got this angle covered.  We probably should revisit this
more seriously after the launch.

If I recall, we could have 15lbs of lift with this thing fully inflated.
 Our weight restrictions with regular launches have more to do with FAA
regulation than concerns about lift.  I think it's a bigger concern as to
how this thing will be anchored.  (With only 15 lbs, it's not hard to make
that argument.)

"We also briefly discussed having officers replaced by very small shell
scripts." -- Noisebridge meeting notes 2008-06-17

The outer bounds is only the beginning.

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 7:53 PM, Jonathan Foote <jtfoote at ieee.org> wrote:

> Chris: thanks for the awesome volunteering of your robot. Are you OK
> with massive and possibly unreversable modifications?
> I'm interested in helping out but can't be "point person" due to other
> commitments. (If nobody steps up this may die a natural death from
> entropy).
> Here's an idea: modify Chris' Spykee  to eliminate all unused weight
> (shell, motors, etc.)
> It's possible we can repurpose the motor drivers for a camera pan-tilt
> platform which would be neat.
> Is anyone on the Spacebridge team that can give an estimate of balloon
> payload capacity? (I'm not on the mailing list).  Might want to add
> stuff like a better antenna and more batteries.
> I'd be available a night or two for some Spykee surgery. (Let's call
> it Laikee, after Laika, the first dog in space). Someone still needs
> to wrangle balloon+tether technology, wifi downlink and Yuri's night
> paperwork. It would be a good idea to test: maybe during a Spacebridge
> test while the balloon is gassed up anyway?
> -J
> On Fri, Mar 19, 2010 at 1:02 AM, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
> > Late on this discussion.
> >
> > * As stated before, EyeFi is a great solution if you're looking for
> > continuous stills from a photo camera.
> > * Qik works well on the iPhone. On crappy 3G it'll start to lag.
> > * uStream for the Android is also neat, I don't know how well it deals
> > with shitty networks.
> >
> > If you can get a net connection on the ground, either through Yuri's or
> > Maker Faire, I would recommend going with Qik or uStream over wifi.
> > You'll also need the net connection to actually view the stream. :P
> >
> > If you can't get the tubes, go with EyeFi and call it a day.
> >
> > Also this is me saying I'd like to help out with this venture at either
> > event (or both) but wont have a super large amount of time to help out
> > before hand.
> >
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