[Space] [Noisebridge-discuss] Yuri's Night Noisebridge presence

Jonathan Foote jtfoote at ieee.org
Mon Mar 22 07:19:34 UTC 2010

On Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 11:18 PM, Christie Dudley <longobord at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have the Spykee in hand and I am fairly confident that modifications can
> be made.  That's what we do, after all.  Your ideas sound pretty neat.
>  Since Meredith is taking the point on getting us in there, I think that
> part should be covered.
> We probably will need a better antenna.  I don't know of Jonathan Moore has
> been keeping up on this discussion or not, but he's mentioned on several
> occasions, he's got this angle covered.  We probably should revisit this
> more seriously after the launch.

OK. I'm hoping that needed  antenna wankery can be done from the
ground, like a yagi, so we don't need to loft anything big.

> If I recall, we could have 15lbs of lift with this thing fully inflated.
>  Our weight restrictions with regular launches have more to do with FAA
> regulation than concerns about lift.  I think it's a bigger concern as to
> how this thing will be anchored.  (With only 15 lbs, it's not hard to make
> that argument.)

Well, if we are not careful the tether uses up a lot of that.  At 1000
ft, even something as light as 7 grams/foot uses up all your payload.
(For comparison, 14 gauge zipcord weighs about twice that).

I'm not worried about anchors, like Meredith points out, heavy stuff
is cheap and available.

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