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Hey Dorkbotters and Spacebridgers!

My friends Megan and Rick Prelinger, curators of the super cool Prelinger
library, are presenting a series of really obscure movies that only
super-geeks could love.

*Computing and the Military and Space Industries*
new films from the Prelinger Archives
presented by Megan Prelinger
33 minute compilation screening of films that use animation, drama, comedy,
and documentary to explain computers and promote their role in various Cold
War industries

1.* A Missile Named Mac,* c. 1961 (6 min.)
sponsor: Bell Systems Laboratories

2.* System Technology,* c. 1960 (7 min.)
sponsor: System Development Corporation

3.* All About Polymorphics,* c. 1961 (7 min.)
sponsor: Thompson Ramo Woolridge (TRW Corporation)

4.* The Birth of the AMF Orbis Mark 2 Electronic Computer,* 1961 (9 min.)
sponsor: American Machine & Foundry Company / Fiesta Drive-Inn Restaurant

5. Home movies from the China Lake Naval Weapons Center (fragments), early
1960s (3 min.) (silent)

*Other Cinema - at ATA - Saturday May 8 at 8:30 p.m., part of a larger show
that also features Ant Farm films (see
*) - 992 Valencia street at 21st - San Francisco*

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