[Space] Meeting notes for 2011.06.05

Christopher Lincoln cclinco at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 21:22:52 UTC 2011

Meeting notes for 2011.06.05

We were informed that the hacking of the Powershot SD4500 IS was proving to
be much more difficult then previously thought and no longer feel that a
CHDK port will be available in the near future.  The solution chosen was to
acquire a new camera and solder on a custom made intervalometer.

General outline of what is to come.
- Christopher will acquire the camera and intervalometer before next Sunday
where "we" (we, hopfully being people who are more competent at soldering
then I am) will build, attach and test them.

- Onno will look in to on board data storage options for our video camera.

- Brian will set up the new and improved APRS tracking system, and look into
expanding the sensors that we currently have attached to our open tracker

The Sunday after next, we will take stock of what has yet to be finished and
pick a likely date for our next launch.

Link to a hacking digital camera book that I'm using as a reference.

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