[Tastebridge] recap of Tuesday Dec 22 2010 foodbridgery

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Thu Dec 23 22:16:32 UTC 2010

Hi to all!
In the past it was done in a simple way. We took notes of the recipes  
during the class and after the class we wrote/compile them in the  
electronic version. After that we created another wiki page lake for  
example this


If we had photos we added them like this


I do not say that it is something amazing and special but it has one  
important advantage compared to the recent ones. It is done and it is  

If you want to develop a new system, great, but in the meanwhile the  
old way works just fine ...

For the ones who miss it the kombucha manual is posted under recipes  
and manuals


I still wait for corrections of the first updated version.

Have a great time and I'm looking forward for more great Tastebridge  
actions, it's nice to see how nicely are things developing for food  



Quoting miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com>:

>> Oops, i meant to say "did" we document it?
>> Rafi - i was actually going to post the pictures somewhere for all to
>> download. just haven't gotten to it yet. i will soon enough!
>> Perhaps we should have a photo page for all to upload pictures of all
>> tastebridge events to? i have some sf underground market photos i need to
>> share. Or if we get better at documenting classes and events, we should
>> probably upload those photos with the written documentation. Thoughts?
>> Ro
> For now:
> How about upload the pictures to whatever hosting site you use, tag
> them with tastebridge and noisebridge tags for searchability, in
> addition to anything else you normally would tag them for, then link
> them back in the wiki descriptions of events (that don't get
> written..ugh)--
> the main thing is getting them up, do you typically edit individually
> or just throw photos up?
> I'm so picky I take forever to put images up unless they are taken
> from my phone and auto uploaded to flickr.
> For later:
> If we want to get a domain and hosting for Tastebridge, I'm down.
> Noisebridge.net is a great source but ultimately the mediawiki
> installation isn't the best for image hosting, and we don't have fine
> access to the webhosting service...
> Also, there's the talk floating around of building a recipe DSCM....
> I wonder how this would work and can't find any existing examples of
> open sourced distributed recipe scm's.  Perhaps this should be in a
> seperate thread...
> -rma
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