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Sat Apr 2 08:32:50 UTC 2011

Hi Rikke, DIY bio and All,
I wonder if there is some special reason why not to include these  
activities under Tastebridge which is suppose to cover bio/hacking  
topics too of course (if there are people who are interested).

It was because of the historical reasons why Tastebridge doesn't have  
bio in its name (very strong anti bio/tech feelings in Noisebridge). I  
feel that this will just weaken the bio hacking movement within the  
group and I really do not see why to create this separation. In other  
words I can see immediately disadvantages like separate budgets,  
equipment, activities, two different mailing lists, creating  
completely new history of group etc. but I do not see benefits except  
of bio in the name which I understand may be helpful to be quickly  
distinguished within the DIY bio movement.

I would strongly advice you/others in DIY group to put it on the  
Noisebridge discussion list and weekly meeting because as I've said  
when I and few others come with the idea some 10 months ago, there was  
a very strong movement against based on bio hacking past at  
Noisebridge (Miloh and several others know more, it basically ended  
with expulsion of the group). It maybe be possible to push it through  
now, after people understood based on Tastebridge activities that  
things are a bit different. However the same still remain, why to have  
two different groups doing the same, is there really need for it? The  
only other thing which comes to my mind is that if DIY bio screw  
something up and would be cancelled, Tastebridge may function further  
without any major problems. However take the credit of Tastebridge and  
carefully do the bio hacking seems more easy.

So my question would be is it not more easy to reshape Tastebridge a  
bit and continuing under the same label with a wider focus?



PS I'm now out from SF quite for a while so I of course still feel  
bond to Tastebridge but Tastebridge as Noisebridge is what people make  
of it. So if Tastebridge closes down and something new start well that  
is life, it happens. We have seen already what happens when the hacker  
spaces split and generally it is quite a strain for the former group  
however can be understood from geographical point of view  
http://acemonstertoys.org/ plus many times different way of functioning.

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> This is an invitation to join bio at lists.noisebridge.net, the (more-or-less)
> official mailing list for DIY bio/hacking activities at Noisebridge.
> Go to https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/bio to subscribe, or
> reply to this email to be subscribed =)
> /Rikke

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