[Tastebridge] Hello Tastebridgers- this is Jonah from SF Free School seeking collab-

Kathryn Storm kathryn at kathrynstorm.com
Mon Feb 14 21:10:29 UTC 2011

Hi Jonah,

I'm not 100% sure if you're merely proposing or trying to firm up a
schedule? Last Tuesday of the month (next week will be the second
installment), I've been putting together a vegan hacking
(www.veganhackersf.com) workshop from 7p-?.

I think it would be nice in general to have some sort of schedule either
on the site or wherever's best from past experience. Feeding other people
in the space is definitely something I support and a great way to build
community. I'd be happy to get involved with the scheduling, is there
someone already directing this, formally or informally?


> Hello,
> I would love to collaborate on a free school class with Taste Bridge.
> I see that you guys are already pretty active on Tuesdays, and I would
> love
> to follow the tao and try to integrate into Tuesday but
> generally we try to keep our free classes to one space per night (with
> each
> night being a different space) so that we can have some cohesion in our
> community- monday's noisebridge, tuesday's Blacklight Ventures, etc. And
> Tuesday at Blacklight's our biggest night of learning already so... would
> you be open to a monday collab?
> The idea is first a cooking class. (maybe with Tastebridge involvement?)
> Then go into a language learning class.
> Then Qi-Gong,
> then a film or reading group.
> I was thinking Monday might be a good night because there's already the
> circuits class going on, so it would be a good way to hold a regular class
> without too much organizing (by combining) and also have a free meal from
> the cooking class. (If it grew too large we could move it to an -off
> night"
> What do you guys think?  I would like to try an experimental one-off next
> monday if possible (but these plans may change as I learn more about all
> the
> communities here)
> We're currently organizing a different culinary class each night, with
> each
> space, so a theme for a space is a good one.
> If you're interested in a collab we could either link it to the language
> class (waiting on more feedback for which language, I was thinking spanish
> or mandarin but I would rather go with whatever has the most interest here
> at Noisebridge (anyone know?)) or, what might be better, is...
> ....
> .....
> Foods of the Future?
> Dehyrdators (i'm a flexible raw foody myself), Kombuchas, other tech-
> related foods?
> thank ya much,
> wachya'll think?
> Jonah
> 530-798-6211
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