[Tastebridge] SF Underground Market, Jan 15?

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Fri Jan 7 14:00:02 UTC 2011

On Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 1:42 PM, Rosanna Yau <info at rosannayau.com> wrote:
> Is Tastebridge going to table next Sat.? Do we have kombuca to sell?

Hi folks,

How is everybody doing?

Just got back from a late night solo kombucha brewing.  I started 15
Gallons for the upcoming sf underground market, and have collect ~160
bottles.  The batches of kombucha could be ready late next Thursday
for bottle priming, then a quick chill before going to the market on
Saturday.  I'm worried about the cold delaying the primary ferment so
I will check in and nurture them to maturity.  Advice on this would be

I want to make a batch of BBQ kombucha tea,  but I couldn't find
enough of it.  What is it called?  The bottle says 'Ya ???? Yu Chong"
and I didn't find more info about this interesting tea from searching

Flavoring will happen next Thursday, I want to try more grapefruit,
pomegranate, maybe pomelo, guava/guayabano, and ginger lemon.  Can
anyone suggest other flavors, new or old, to try?

There are also some other things I want help with before next Saturday.
I want to experiment by making modern labels for the kombucha that are
interesting and useful, and that leverage the web for feedback and
extra info about the beverage.

The kombucha label would have all the usual label info on a generic
part, as well as unique Codes & QR per bottle (~50 on a A4).  The
codes will lead the imbiber to unique pages for beta tester reports,
info about their specific bottle, and info on ordering more!

What is everyone's mission for Tastebridge?  Turnover has been very
high and I don't know who will show up from week to week, including
myself.  Can we use this list to start a manifesto of dreams for

Right now, my dream for Tastebridge is to help it continue to provide
Tuesday Noisebridge meals, to continue hold fermented Wednesdays, and
to fund raise for Noisebridge by direct sales and donations for our
flavroful experiments.

I would also like to see Tastebridge sponsor monthly events like last
Wednesday's distilling session with some sample future ideas: mycology
research results, Sous Vide building, distillation#2, food politics
and science in the USA, more Entomorphagy, and more.  Finally would
also like to see Tastebridge raise funds to pay the Noisebridge
utility bill, and become the first group under the Noisebridge
umbrella to make targeted donations.


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