[Tastebridge] SF Underground Market, Jan 15?

Rosanna Yau info at rosannayau.com
Fri Jan 7 17:25:54 UTC 2011

> Hi folks,
> How is everybody doing?
> Just got back from a late night solo kombucha brewing.  I started 15
> Gallons for the upcoming sf underground market, and have collect ~160
> bottles.  The batches of kombucha could be ready late next Thursday
> for bottle priming, then a quick chill before going to the market on
> Saturday.  I'm worried about the cold delaying the primary ferment so
> I will check in and nurture them to maturity.  Advice on this would be
> welcome.
> I want to make a batch of BBQ kombucha tea,  but I couldn't find
> enough of it.  What is it called?  The bottle says 'Ya ???? Yu Chong"
> and I didn't find more info about this interesting tea from searching
> online.
> Flavoring will happen next Thursday, I want to try more grapefruit,
> pomegranate, maybe pomelo, guava/guayabano, and ginger lemon.  Can
> anyone suggest other flavors, new or old, to try?
> There are also some other things I want help with before next Saturday.
> I want to experiment by making modern labels for the kombucha that are
> interesting and useful, and that leverage the web for feedback and
> extra info about the beverage.
> The kombucha label would have all the usual label info on a generic
> part, as well as unique Codes & QR per bottle (~50 on a A4).  The
> codes will lead the imbiber to unique pages for beta tester reports,
> info about their specific bottle, and info on ordering more!
> What is everyone's mission for Tastebridge?  Turnover has been very
> high and I don't know who will show up from week to week, including
> myself.  Can we use this list to start a manifesto of dreams for
> Tastebridge?
> Right now, my dream for Tastebridge is to help it continue to provide
> Tuesday Noisebridge meals, to continue hold fermented Wednesdays, and
> to fund raise for Noisebridge by direct sales and donations for our
> flavroful experiments.
> I would also like to see Tastebridge sponsor monthly events like last
> Wednesday's distilling session with some sample future ideas: mycology
> research results, Sous Vide building, distillation#2, food politics
> and science in the USA, more Entomorphagy, and more.  Finally would
> also like to see Tastebridge raise funds to pay the Noisebridge
> utility bill, and become the first group under the Noisebridge
> umbrella to make targeted donations.
> -rma

thanks for addressing those issues and brewing all that kombucha, miloh.
6am? jebus.

sorry i didn't show up this week for tastebridge cause i accidentally cut my
hand and probably shouldn't be handling food for other people. it's not that
bad, so i can come in next week to help you with the labels. i like the idea
of the codes and qr for tracking and info. are we still thinking about
starting a separate tastebridge website?

the kombucha flavors you listed sound great. bbq sounds interesting...it'll
definitely get people curious. what about lychee, mangosteen or coconut
flavored kombucha?

at the last SFUM, a lot of people were fans of the earl gray kombucha. i
would say gunpowder tea kombucha came in second. i think the word quickly
spread around the market about the earl gray kombucha and people would come
to the table just for that.

based from the positive feedback and purchases from the last sfum, i think
tastebridge definitely has a great chance to raise a good amount of funding
for noisebridge. it's just a matter of people staying dedicated to making
time to help make things happen, isn't it? perhaps we should begin by what
miloh suggested—everyone write what their mission and dreams for tastebridge
(they can be personal or general). once we gather this, we can then see what
the overall tastebridge mission is, what needs to be done and then perhaps
assign tasks for individuals or groups of people who want to help to get
things started. if anyone else has any other suggestions, please share.

i, and probably like most other people on this mailing list, hope that
tastebridge can continue to financially sustain itself in addition to
raising more funds for noisebridge in the near future.

possible things tastebridge could use or do (please add on):
-better document the food we make at tastebridge to put on the site
-an accessible website, especially for sfum customers that want to go to our
site to find out how to make their own kombucha, etc.
-take more high-res photos of tastebridge's cooking and events

i like the idea of the monthly sponsorship. i was actually going to send out
an email to see who would be interested in a monthly entomophagy class. i
would love to teach that.

so, again, who's down to make a hand-cranked musical conveyor belt toaster
oven to accompany our table at the sf underground markets? eh? imagine
placing something like biscuits or potatoes on the conveyor belt, similar to
how there are pins on the cylinder in a music box to play musical notes.
that's a hot potato.


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