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Kathryn Storm kathryn at kathrynstorm.com
Tue Jan 18 21:56:12 UTC 2011

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick note about the vegan cooking next
week. I was going to shoot for Wednesday as to not crowd out any other
event happening on Tuesday. But Tuesday works fine, too. As far as other
workshops going on that week, which day works best?


> hey folks
> just want to send an update on Tastebridge activities at Noisebridge!
> I didn't go to the market.  Not a long story:  we weren't set up to
> go, and the kombucha wasn't ready (brewing-wise and label-wise).  We
> have an awesome kombuch-y sign for future events now, courtesy of Sean
> C.
> Besides, I'm quite happy about not going to the market:  the kombucha
> started exploding yesterday, well, not exploding, but it was miniature
> kombucha rocketry.  Happy new years!  I decapped and sprayed out a lot
> lot of delicious highly carbonated yerba mate lemonade kombucha,
> pomegranate basil kombucha, and cannonball grapefruit grey kombucha
> foam.  On the up side, the whole thing made Mike Kan laugh a lot.
> After getting blasted by the first yerba mate bomb, he was a good
> sport making jokes and poking fun at me while I saved many gallons in
> the 5gallon carboy kegs.
> Regardless of the unexpected work, I had a fun time watching bottle
> caps fly(thanks for the heads up Sam!), sanitizing the old kegs,
> decapping bottles and transferring the brews.  We will serve kombucha
> on tap at 5mof!  This is a lesson I keep relearning:  Lots of juice
> flavorings AND priming sugar whatnot make for more explosive brews.  I
> resolve to hydromate more, and check on my bottle priming recipes and
> see what else can be done to reduce the bubblation; but does anyone
> else have bottle priming advice?
> It looks like there isn't an event planned for this Wednesday.  I hear
> that a vegan cooking class will happen next Wednesday the 25th, and
> I'm in talks with getting a collaborative beer brew session for Feb
> 1st.  Beyond that, the dates look free, so grab a Wednesday and have a
> noisebridge food hacking talk if you have something to share.
> -rma
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