[Tastebridge] Brewing Goodies and mondo sugar!

Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 03:48:29 UTC 2011

Hey peeps -

I was by cash and carry last week and got 50lbs. of some organic evaporated
cane juice made by a factory that only uses wind power :). Feel free to have
at it for all of your brewing and fermenting needs! Also, I dropped a
receipt in the tastebridge bin with the price of the stuff (~$40), and took
out $40 as well to cover expenses. If peeps don't think this is kosher,
lemme know, and I can put it back.

In addition, I took a spin through brewcraft and started schmoozing. They
have all *kinds* of stuff there for distilling. I was really surprised. I
went a little ape, and picked up the list of stuff below. Its on the
tastebridge shelves as well right now. If peeps have a need for it, feel
free to use some (though, lemme know if you do need some so I know how much
to get in the future if we run out). I'll be adding info on everything to
the brewing page later, but until then, feel free to use google :).

-Polyclar-10 (synthetic clearing agent)
-Sparkolloid (natural clearing agent)
-Amylase enzyme (used to break down complex sugar in fruits to simple sugars
to allow fermentation to happen)
-Prestige A.G. (yeast used to make whiskeys typically)
-TurboPure 24 (yeast used to hit 14% ABV in 24 hours...theoretically)

Enjoy peeps!
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