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Tue Mar 15 01:58:34 UTC 2011



Hi to All!
I'm posting news about the Japan-help project. This is the last  
general email, for more info please sign for discussion list (below)  
or check wiki page (below) or my personal web page (news section)


We have received $165 dollars during today on donations through paypal.

Wikipage was created which will present what is the current state of  
affairs and
what we plan to do. It is open so please edit it to improve it, could  
someone do
back ups?


Mailing list was created thanks to Jim and Andy, so please sign here if
interested in fallowing or helping with this project


For the ones who does not have an pay pal account but they would like  
to support this effort please get in touch with me by email and I can  
send you USA or CZ bank account details.

There are lots of things which are needed to be done,  these are some of them:

- I can imagine that discussion forum could be handy but mailing list  
and wiki pages should do,
what do you think?

- could you go throug the gear list at the wiki and check out that I'v  
not forgot something crucial (I just have realized that I did not put  
first aid kid there for example)

- if you could you check the wiki pages from time to time for the  
grammar and design that
would be cool

- is there a way of creating English and Czech easy to switch version of the

- one thing which I wonder about, is someone else planing to go? What are your
specializations? Shall we group?

Thanks a lot for your support, I'll be in touch,




Zdravim vsechny ve spolek,
Zde je info o pokrocich v projektu pomoci Japonsku. Toto je posledni  
hromadny email, pokud chcete dostavat dalsi info, tak se prosim  
zapiste na mailing seznam (nize) nebo se podivejte na wiki stranky  
(nize) ci na moje webove stranky pod sekci (news)


Behem prvniho dne jsme obdrzeli 2970 Kc pres paypal.

Byla vytvorena wiki stranka ktera reflektuje soucasny stav nasich  
aktivit a planovane cile. Je otevrena editacim, mohl by nekdo delat  
back up? (anglicka i ceska verze)


Jim a Andy Noisebridge members vytvorili mailing list, kdo chce  
sledovat a pomoci v tomto projektu at se na nej prosim zapise (zadejte  
vas email a jakykoliv kod, je to bezpecne, jsem tam na nekolika  
mailing listech)


Pro ty co nemaji paypal a chteli by tento projekt financne podporit,  
dejte mi prosim vedet a ja Vam zaslu detaily ceskeho ci USA uctu.

Je mnoho veci ktere by se meli udelat, toto jsou nektere z nich:

- myslim ze vytvoreni diskuzniho fora by mohlo byt prinosne, na druhou  
stranu mailing list a webove stranky by mohli stacit, co myslite?

- muzete projit vybavu, kterou bych mel mit sebou a podivat se zda tam  
neco zakladniho nechybi (ted me zrovna napadla lekarnicka)

- pokud by jste mohli cas od casu zkontrolovat gramatiku a design wiki  
stranek, tak to by bylo skvele

- dokazal by nekdo vytvorit ceskou a anglickou jednoduse prepnutelnou  
verzi wiki stranek?

- Chci se zeptat zda jeste nekdo planuje vyrazit. Pokud ano, jake jsou  
Vase specializace, dame dohromady team?

Diky moc za podporu, budu v kontaktu,

S pozdravem,


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