[Tastebridge] mycoremediation

Nevada M. bramble.greenbrier at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 07:34:49 UTC 2011

Hey folks,

So I haven't had the time to follow up on getting resources on
mycoremediation from the folks who put together the radical mycology
convergence up in Washington state earlier this year (though the
convergence do have a webpage with links and stuff on it).  However, I just
came across a mention that there is currently a radical mycology group
meeting on a weekly basis in the East Bay, which is "studying the role of
mushrooms in decomposition, bioremediation, and human culture."  That might
be a good place for folks to go to get connected with others who have
interests along those lines.  The group is meeting every Saturdays at 2pm
(Nov 5th, Nov 19th, Dec 3rd and Dec 17th are the meetings currently
submitted to the East Bay Free Skool calendar).  The meetings happen at the
Long Haul, 3124 Shattuck @ Woolsey which is I believe one block into the
city of Berkeley.  The meetings are being hosted by Joey, 805 813 2099.


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