[Tastebridge] how to end the ultimate evil - fruit flies?

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Mon Jun 25 11:22:18 UTC 2012

Hi to all,
In a brewing laboratory where I'm active now a disaster occurred - 
outbreak of the villain happened and we need to end up the reign of the 
flying terror (honestly I actually do not really mind these rascals but 
it got just way too far they are starting to aim for my cultures and 
that is the end of the story).

I have summarized several solutions based on the source here (see at the end of the email)



any other suggestion would be appreciated! 

By the way, would be there 
some simple solution which would include some motion sensor and laser 
beams? The manager is annoyed so much that I could actually get even a 
budget for it (not that I have time for it but it would be cool). I was 
wondering if just a motion sensor and fixed laser beam could do the job -
 no aiming just wait when the fly tries to make it for, sensor switches 
on the beam and “bum”, finished, history …. I do not know if I can activate laser beam so quickly, maybe? I have arduino and close to 
zero knowledge how to use it but I’m progressing on that.

Thanks a lot for any help, 


Frantisek Algoldor Apfelbeck


- prepare a bite for the traps: 150 ml of apple vinegar, 150 ml of 
overripe fruit (bananas, apples etc.) and mix well, preferably let to 
ferment at room temperature in a closed container for day or two

- set the traps:

- trap number 1: transfer 100 ml of the bite into the jar and attach a 
paper cone to it, well sealed to the sides of the jar with big opening 
on the outer side and very small opening closer to the bite, fruit flies will fly in but will not be able to escape. Once enough drosophila are 
in, you can get them out of the place or to the “another world”.

-  trap number 2: transfer 100 ml of the bite to the bowl and wrap the 
bowl tightly in the plastic foil, make lots of small holes big enough 
for the drosophila to enter but small enough that they can not escape. 
Once enough drosophila are in, you can get them out of the place or to 
the “another world”.

- trap number 3: add 20 g of dish soap to 100 ml of water in a bowl and 
mix well, add 100 ml of bite and let to sit completely open attracting 
the fruit flies. Flies will lend on the mix, and it will get sticked to 
their wings so they can not fly away and they will drawn.

- to help to end the plague:

- keep your fruit and vegetable waste in the freezer

- keep all of your fruits, vegetables and juices well sealed and preferably in the refrigerator

- give the kitchen a thorough cleaning

- point a ventilator to your waste if you have to have it, so the flies can not land and keep the traps out of the air flow

- cut and attach 2 l plastic bottle to the vacuum and suck in all the 
problem makers (I guess that you will have to cut both sites to a 

- replace old sponges, mops and dishrags

- fix slow drains and keep plumbing and garbage disposals free of organic matter 

biotechnologist&kvasir and hacker


"There is no way to peace, peace is the way." Ghandi
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