[Tiny-tux] Embedded, Linux and HW at OSCON 2012, July in Portland

Alison Chaiken alchaiken at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 16:53:01 UTC 2011

Greetings folks, I'm on the Program Committee for OSCON in 2012.
OSCON has traditionally had little in the way of embedded and Linux,
although there was an Open Hardware track this year.    Let us propose
more topics of interest to us in 2012:


Traditionally speakers and organizers get a break on registration, but
I don't know what the deal will be for 2012.    Feel free to propose
yourself as a speaker/organizer and please propagate  the link to
promote suggestions from our community.


Alison Chaiken
(650) 279-5600  (cell)
"What you do for a living is not be creative, what you do is ship." --
Seth Godin, vimeo.com/27067169

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