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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 03:54:30 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 6:22 PM, Sabrina <sabrina at autopornography.com>wrote:

> My pots and pans are pretty indestructible, if you want to borrow them.
>  They've taken some abuse, and they're not teflon-coated, so there's no way
> you can harm them.  They're anodized something-or-other by Calphalon, and
> they're heavy and cook like cast iron without having to hassle with
> seasoning them.

I'm bringing my kitchen gauntlet which encludes a high btu gas stove,
massive woks, iron cast work and steel pots, a couple thin pans and gear to
get down with things like vegan boiled dumplings.  It will be a full
kitchen, hopefully there will be hungry hackers...

> If you're looking for non-disposable, yet unbreakable eatery-ware, check
> out Preserve: http://preserveproducts.com/products/tableware.html
> Sabrina
> On Jun 22, 2009, at 4:05 PM, grey wrote:
> So... who wants to coordinate a big Rainbow run to load in the RV? (:
I want to go along for the Rainbow run, and I know I can get a lot of bang
for the $$ by going on a run to get vegan/veggie foodstuffs at New Mei on
Clement street as  well...

> And errr, cooking gear and pots and pans?
> Gear referenced above.  I have some big stuff that can easily prep for 8-12
at a time, perhaps 20 at a stretch.

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