[Toorcamp] Wherein we get more serious about foodening

Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Mon Jun 29 06:16:57 UTC 2009

Hey Cameron?  I'm going to be joining you guys late late Thursday night, and
I'm probably going to be doing some cooking as well.  And since I'm probably
our most high maintenance eater, (despite being technically non-vegan) I'd
like to do a little meal planning.

I'm cc-ing the list and the other folks, but you and I and anyone else
interested in being intimately involved with food planning should get in
touch back channel (so to speak) to discuss specifics.

Also: The Grocery Trip.  I assume a decent amount of the staples that form
the meal-making backbone will be purchased here in SF (though Cameron, we
should coordinate with you about anything you'll be bringing along from PDX)
and frankly, to make sure it gets done, I'm betting Grey or I will be
leading the charge on that.  But shame on you all if Grey pays for a single
grocery item.  So, who would like to chip in for groceries?  I'm up for
coordinating donations, and anyone is welcome to come along on the actual
mission and heroically brandish your visa at the checkout.

So basically, if you're planning to eat every meal with us, I would
encourage throwing money at myself or Grey, or coming shopping.  The
shopping will probably be Monday or Tuesday, and possibly both.  There will
probably be a TJs run for lazyfood and cheap packaged stuff, as well as a
run at Rainbow for raw ingredients and bulk.  Possibly also you would like
to purchase Dr. Bronners and all natural travel size towels.  Join us!

And one last note: dishware and whatnot.  I put together a subset of Grey's
kitchen in the midst of moving him that will be going with us to Toorcamp,
so glasses, silverware, and dishware are reasonably covered.  We'll also
have 1 very large soup pot and one smaller pot.  I'm thinking of bringing my
new gigantic iron skillet, and we'll probably bring Jake's crappy knives,
and we can probably scavenge another pan.  And the rice maker (Jake?).  My
questions remain:

--How many folks want the possibility of constant, easy to make tea?  Or do
we have coffee drinkers?  I am planning to consistently mooch tea from
Miloh, but we could bring our own supplies if people want.

--Does anyone have a wok?  We could really use one.

We'll probably have to pare down a little, so anyone with brilliant space
saving ideas (that still allow us to have a fully functioning kitchen) will
receive a pat on the back.

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