[Toorcamp] Wherein we get more serious about foodening

Sabrina sabrina at autopornography.com
Mon Jun 29 07:30:47 UTC 2009

Hi all

If there's anything that ya'll realize you've forgotten between SF  
and Seattle, let me know, and I might have it in my kitchen.

I have a wok, but it's not massive, it probably only holds food for a  
few.  Someone else mention a big wok... Miloh?  Someone did, I  
swear.  Otherwise, I'm happy to lend out mine.

I'm going to end up getting a 3 gallon bucket to transport mashed  
potatoes in, so once it's empty, there's that which can be used in  
the kitchen.


On Jun 28, 2009, at 11:16 PM, Kelly wrote:

> Hey Cameron?  I'm going to be joining you guys late late Thursday  
> night, and I'm probably going to be doing some cooking as well.   
> And since I'm probably our most high maintenance eater, (despite  
> being technically non-vegan) I'd like to do a little meal planning.
> I'm cc-ing the list and the other folks, but you and I and anyone  
> else interested in being intimately involved with food planning  
> should get in touch back channel (so to speak) to discuss specifics.
> Also: The Grocery Trip.  I assume a decent amount of the staples  
> that form the meal-making backbone will be purchased here in SF  
> (though Cameron, we should coordinate with you about anything  
> you'll be bringing along from PDX) and frankly, to make sure it  
> gets done, I'm betting Grey or I will be leading the charge on  
> that.  But shame on you all if Grey pays for a single grocery  
> item.  So, who would like to chip in for groceries?  I'm up for  
> coordinating donations, and anyone is welcome to come along on the  
> actual mission and heroically brandish your visa at the checkout.
> So basically, if you're planning to eat every meal with us, I would  
> encourage throwing money at myself or Grey, or coming shopping.   
> The shopping will probably be Monday or Tuesday, and possibly  
> both.  There will probably be a TJs run for lazyfood and cheap  
> packaged stuff, as well as a run at Rainbow for raw ingredients and  
> bulk.  Possibly also you would like to purchase Dr. Bronners and  
> all natural travel size towels.  Join us!
> And one last note: dishware and whatnot.  I put together a subset  
> of Grey's kitchen in the midst of moving him that will be going  
> with us to Toorcamp, so glasses, silverware, and dishware are  
> reasonably covered.  We'll also have 1 very large soup pot and one  
> smaller pot.  I'm thinking of bringing my new gigantic iron  
> skillet, and we'll probably bring Jake's crappy knives, and we can  
> probably scavenge another pan.  And the rice maker (Jake?).  My  
> questions remain:
> --How many folks want the possibility of constant, easy to make  
> tea?  Or do we have coffee drinkers?  I am planning to consistently  
> mooch tea from Miloh, but we could bring our own supplies if people  
> want.
> --Does anyone have a wok?  We could really use one.
> We'll probably have to pare down a little, so anyone with brilliant  
> space saving ideas (that still allow us to have a fully functioning  
> kitchen) will receive a pat on the back.
> -Kelly
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