[Toorcamp] Drama Cafe Updates

Ben Kochie superq at gmail.com
Wed Jul 25 01:59:00 UTC 2012

TL;DR - The deadline for Drama Cafe RSVP is July 31!  Confirm NOW -

I'm working on the budget estimates and planning for the 2012 Drama
Cafe.  My current estimate is around $50-60 for veg/vegan and $60-70
for omnivores.

There will also be breakfast available for bitcoins.

I'm still working on a menu for the first night.  Miloh suggested
ratatouille.  Not sure what else to pair that with.

Take a look at the wiki page:

If you haven't confirmed on the wiki yet, please do so ASAP so I can
buy the right amount of food.  The deadline for letting me know you
want to eat at the Drama Cafe is July 31.  I'll be starting the food
buying process on August 1.  If you know someone who is going, have
them update the wiki or contact me directly.

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