[Toorcamp] Room for me?!?

Shadow shadow at overdrawn.net
Wed Jul 25 04:51:52 UTC 2012

Hey guys!

I'm a sysadmin from vancouver looking for a camp to join up with, and 
you look to be the coolest. Up for one more? I was part of camp 
craigslist last time and most of them aren't coming this year.

I'm driving down and could probably give a ride or two to people along 
the way depending on how things work out. Wasn't planning on sorting 
that out until after defcon.

I've got a smallish tent, I need to measure it + confirm it still 
assembles. I'm down for pitching in on food (no gluten for meee) and 
down to help cook / whatever. Can bring a bbq and possibly other stuff 
if it's useful, was already planning on bringing cooler + food.

I also have a work in progress arduino modified foosball table that I'm 
considering bringing, but it would be a bit of a pain in the ass: 
http://overdrawn.net/foosball/ It's pretty awesome in the dark though.

What say you?

- Shadow

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