[Toorcamp] equipment/supplies/duties

Andrew korin at korin.org
Tue Jul 31 21:31:22 UTC 2012

Is there any need for a 10x10 freestanding shelter
or a 14x14 ft 8-person dome tent that can be divided into 1-4 separate
rooms (maybe it could be shared by folks who don't have a tent or don't
want to haul one up)?

I have an 8qt cast-iron dutch oven, an 8qt steel pot and a great big
double burner propane stove that puts out 35,000 BTU per burner and
could be great for big meals
though I don't have a suitable table to put it on - it gets extremely

I can bring a cot if someone needs one. I can also bring electric/18v
drills and a reciprocating saw and/or other tools (no band saw), but I
won't arrive until Wednesday afternoon.

Ben, it looks like you have the dinners pretty well planned out. Is
there anything you still need? Are you supplying all of the ingredients
or is there anything we could bring? Rouk and I were thinking of making
some wheat/corn/potato/rice-free tortillas for her and anyone else who
has allergies to such things (we make them with almond, amaranth, millet
and tapioca flour). Would anyone else be interested?

Finally, I have a collapsible 3' high dog pen that can be adjusted to
any size between 8 and 256 sq ft. This is my first time at Toorcamp, and
I see that dogs are allowed, but I couldn't find much more detail than
that. Is anyone else in PRON bringing a dog? Would there be any room for
such a thing? Would there be any need for it?

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