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Aaronco Thirtysix aaronco36 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 17 02:27:18 UTC 2012

On Tue, Oct 16, 2012 at 4:12 PM, Jeffrey Carl Faden
<jeffreyatw at gmail.com> wrote:
> Not sure what you're asking about the recaps, as I did provide a recap for
> last week's material yesterday.

To help assist with the instructor's understanding of my "recaps"
question, here is a rephrasing of the previous inquiry.
Would the instructor or other class attendees be able to provide
recaps of far-jumping previous weeks' material at 7:30pm, e.g.,
providing "simple tutorials" next Monday evening and on future Monday
evenings that go all the way back to two or more previous weeks'
material within this Third Frontend WebDev Series??

Hmmm...probably still too unclear; perhaps a clearer sample question
is warranted:
Would the instructor or other class attendees be able to provide
recaps during the brief 7:30pm Monday recap sessions held on Week 5,
Week 6, Week 7 and/or onwards, recapping previous weeks' material
going as far back as Week 2 or Week3 ??

I don't know how I can make this question any clearer for the
instructor and others.
Any suggestions here?

> As for the assignments, there is a link to the solution at the bottom of
> every assignment, e.g.:
> http://jeffreyatw.com/static/frontend/series3/class1/assignment.html
> http://jeffreyatw.com/static/frontend/series3/class2/assignment.html
> http://jeffreyatw.com/static/frontend/series3/class3/assignment.html

The "link to the solution at the bottom of every assignment" is, IMHO,
a fairly NON-NOTICEABLE webpage link at the bottom of each assignment
link noted immediately above.
- Would the instructor wish to make this solution link much more
noticeable by perhaps using the appropriate CSS stylesheet entries??
- And speaking of CSS, Are the style.css files for these
assignment.html solutions the IDENTICAL style.css files used for
presenting the class material for that week, and for every week going
- And IF the style.css files for the presented material and the
solutions are one and the same, then WHERE is it clearly explained
that the particular entries in each style.css are the actual solved
entries for that assignment.html solution??
I happen to be looking at Week 2's style.css (found within the
lecture.zip download of
http://jeffreyatw.com/static/frontend/series3/class2/lecture.zip) and
I myself see ZERO comments explaining the particular CSS selectors and
classes used and what they do.

> The point of the labs is to walk through and eventually provide the correct
> the solutions for the assignments, so yes, you can come to the labs and we
> will discuss the answers.

Maybe the instructor can even write these answers down with not only
some "discussion", but also some brief but clear explanation during
each lab session -- a reference to one or more good external links
wouldn't hurt too much either :-)


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