ZinesFromOuterSpace IMPORTANT: Pages for final review. Look at these!

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 02:56:32 UTC 2012

Bear in mind that most of these pages will not, unfortunately, be printed
in color, 'cause I can't afford it. I'm eating ramen noodles, haven't
showered in longer than you want to know & I'm living in an abandoned house
right now, so color printing is mostly out of my range.

*Everyone*: Proofread this essay please! And *read* this essay, too!

The pages below are for specific people to proofread, though everyone's
free to look at them (that's the bonus of being on the mailing list I guess
- you get advance release). *Please send me any corrections or changes asap!

*Gavin + Alex* - How do you like the page design? And please check the
facts, spelling, etc. I have no copy editors at this point.


*James + Alex or Gavin* - Nice interview! James, you were going to do the
layout, I believe, but I only got text from you in the end, so these aren't
the most exciting visually, but it's def the words that carry this piece


*Josh* - Did you mean to title the final version x68k or was that a typ-o
on my part somehow? Also, I'm adding a small image to the bottom right of
the last page, other than that it's done - you could prob go for 4 pages in
the next issue!)


*Daniel + Richard*

These shouldn't be too much of a surprise - I used the PNGs, which were
higher quality than the TIFFs. The first 2 pages of this will print in
color. That's 2 out of 6 total pages of color in the entire zine, &
originally I had these down as black & white pages. Anyway - thanks - these
pages look awesome!


*Dara* - you did your own layout, so yr pages shouldn't be a surprise - I
used the latest version of the Hacker Horoscopes + the full BIL article

*Adam* - I'll be sending yr EFF piece shortly (library's about to close) -
you saw it in person the other night, briefly, at NB. I'm also adding
Limoncello back in - just the first 2 pages. The rest will have to be read
online, since it's pretty long.

*Martin M* - How's this look? I took away the cartoon you didn't like.
(Although I guess maybe you didn't get that it was a tongue-in-cheek look
at the NB "oogles")


*Vonguard/Alex* - I'll be sending your 2 pages in just a bit - I'm
crediting the piece to Vonguard, right?

*Justin *- Noisebridge loves you too!


*Valerie* - penultimate page of ZiP02


And here's the *last page* of ZiP02 (I still need to add a few
Acknowledgements to this)


More coming very soon - we're just finishing up the RMS interview (THE
feature!) + a couple other things, then it's ALL DONE.

I'm going to be @ NB tonight, btw, from 830pm til midnightish.

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