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Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 15:00:37 UTC 2012

These are pretty much open to everyone to read/spellcheck/proofread.
As before, get back to me with any mistakes you spot, or changes /
additions (but keep these to a *minimum,* please) - *asap!*
This is the *final review* before I prepare the PDF for printing! I plan to
use this weekend to make final corrections & prepare the PDF, then *print
on Monday/Tuesday *(April 16/17).
Sorry we're so late - about 2 weeks, since the 1st was the planned release
date; still, it's significant improvement over ZiP01, which was a *month +
2 weeks* late. And I endeavor to make it worth the wait.
I'm interested in what you think of the content, as well as soliciting your
technical review & corrections.

1. *Hexwords & zine review* (in German) by Svenja - I was going to print
this review in both English & German, but was limited by space
considerations & decided to just go with the German, plus an additional
comment in English from Svenja's email to me. I think it's OK. I want ZiP
to begin having a more polylingual / European feel, from this issue
forward, & I find it annoying that Americans seem to absolutely require
immediate & complete translation of the slightest hint of foreign language
around them. I have always been an unusual American that way.


2. *3-Paragraph Essay: Noisebridge vs. Privacy *Interesting?
Agree/disagree? If I'd had more time, I would've sought a rebuttal/opposing
viewpoint. I could include one in ZiP03.


3. *Josh's x68k article revised* - w/ graphic added (Adam spotted the
missing sentence as well last night)


4. *Enema Review* - there is going to be an adult content warning on this
issue, rest assured


5. *Mushrooms of Northern California - *Not finished yet, but you can see
where I'm going w/ this. There will be an additional color insert w/ photos
to go with the text on these pages. (Btw, Alan, I left the coping saw &
blades w/ Carl @ the NB "front desk" last night)


6. *The MADE by Vonguard* - Did I get the photo attribution right? I mixed
photos from 2 different sources, I believe. Also, I'm going to fix the text
on the right side of the 1st page so it's not breathing down the picture's


That's it for now but more to come soon.....we're in the last lap.

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