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Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 09:19:30 UTC 2012


I know no one's really on the list yet, but I'm sending this message as a
digital welcome mat for those who join in the coming days.

Here's a ZiPChaiN Calling Card I designed today

For anyone knew who doesn't know, there's a sizable archive of early
material on the wiki, voila:

There's still a lot of work left to get the first issue of ZiP together by
next Thursday - it's amazing how much work it takes to do the entire layout
of a 60-page magazine! In the future I hope to work more collaboratively
with people on doing the layout, splitting it up, but I knew I'd probably
be doing the first one mostly myself.

A few people have already expressed interest in learning about zine-making,
layout, etc & I'm happy to share my experience. I'd be more than willing to
have a couple interested cadets work with me on the layout any time in the
near future. It's a lot of work, but fun.

+0ny L0ngsh at nks


The Wonderful Wizard of ZiP
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