[Zines not Drama] ZiP1 Update + new eye candy + urban stencil warfare

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 03:37:29 UTC 2012


Quick update on all things ZiP: Gavin & I decided last night after much
consultation to move the ZZW (ZiP web portal) from Drupal to Wordpress. It
will still be at the same URL as before, and should end up looking better &
being fully functional faster this way.

I have sworn to do nothing but work on ZiP and occasionally eat, sleep or
ingest nourishment (as necessary) over the next few days. I want to have
the first issue done & out there by this time next week.

I'm going to start a "guerrilla city stencil art" project soon & it'll be
ZiP related. Don't be surprised if ZiP logos start popping up around the
city, one by one, where you least expect them. This is something I've had
in mind for a long time & it's going to be a slow ongoing project, not
anything overnight. Anyone who wants to help is welcome.

I'm fully in favor of random acts of public creativity.

I'm at the Noiz right now working on layout. Just talked to Tatiana about
the pirate jackets she's working on, & with Mitch Altman about hacker
passports (I ordered one), Geeks & Depression, & a hacker conference coming
up in Paris on Feb. 1st called Jardin Numerique.

"Garden of Numbers."

Love that image. Does anyone want to make a digital image with that title
that I can include in ZiP1? If not, I will.

Mitch also told me (I'll add this info to the zine) that
www.hackerspaces.org is a great way to find places to stay with other
hackers all over the world when you're traveling - better than
CouchSurfing.org. (I haven't gotten that site to work for me yet.)

Adam or anyone who attended 5MoF last night: how did it go? I had to skip
it for personal reasons, but I'm bouncing back already. We won't lose too
much time.

Attached: a new banner for ZZW. I have some more eye candy but I'm going to
suppress the instant gratification urge because you'll see it all at once
in its proper context soon enough.

If I do facilitate zine-making workshops at Noisebridge in the near future,
I want our textbook - or one of them - to be *The Happy Mutant Handbook*,
by Branwyn, Sinclair & Frauenfelder. You should all read it!


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