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Whim Wiz whimwiz at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 10:18:13 UTC 2012

Greetings and salutations, hackerfolk

(Bows deeply)

This is merely a notice to inform the Noisebridge citizenry that a most
Excellent game of *Scrabblewocky* was played tonight in the Cafe (area of
hackerspace between kitchen and library) by a colorful quartet of
hackerlings. For those who don't know, Scrabblewocky is our word for
"Hacker Scrabble." (Imagine playing Scrabble with the reanimated corpses of
John Lennon, Lewis Carroll, Gertrude Stein and James Joyce.)

The all-star roster of Scrabblers included:
Valeria Zinn-Rider*, who got the game started, photographed the action, and
ultimately emerged as Scrabblechamp of the night

*Tatiana the Fair,* maker of the star-spangled quiver and wearer of the
space-age sequindress

*Neil B. **Potent, *whose pseudo-name is based on one of the obscure words
dredged up from the dictionary during the course of the game (nilpotent -
it's not flattering)
Tony Longshanks LeTigre, *who behaved in an extremely silly manner
throughout the game, laughing incessantly at japes and puns
incomprehensible to all other players and audience members, and refusing
entirely to honor the game with focus and seriosity

We hereby announce the inception of a *new project:* the conception and
creation of a *hacker boardgame* that will combine computer lore and
software programming with consensus culture and anti-oppression ideology,
hopefully resulting in merriment and intellectual stimulation for all. Any
who wish to participate in the project should feel free to contact us.

Also, the ZiP mailing list has been expanded into a general discussion
group for zinesters, printmakers, & DIY publishing mavericks of all
stripes, with the new name Zines From Outer

Stay tuned, for great things lie ahead.....

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