ZinesFromOuterSpace sneak preview

Whim Wiz whimwiz at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 04:05:57 UTC 2012

I'm in IRC chat  & couldn't help giving the chatters a sneak preview, so it
only makes sense to send it to you (zine mailing list + a few others) as
well - not to the entire discuss list yet


Much more is on the way! There'll be more pages up by tonight.

Let us know if you see any typ-os or errors. There's still time to correct

We're working on a more reader-friendly way to post the pages. Right now
it's annoying cause you have to open each page individually.

ALSO -  I've been talking w/ my colleagues about starting *Zines From Outer
Space *- the zinester contingent at Noisebridge. We're going to ramp it up!
We need a few enthusiastic people with some spare time who want to help get
it started. A weekly meeting. Outreach to other zinesters in the Bay Area.
And a mini zine symposium perhaps,, this summer or fall?

We can do this!

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