ZinesFromOuterSpace Meeting on Friday / Issue 1 Table of Contents revised

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 11:37:38 UTC 2012

Hey everyone

We're setting up a meeting at Noisebridge for this Friday, can you make it?
What time?

Also, this is the revised Table of Contents for Issue One

Each entry is one single page, no more

All in blue text are already finished / online (or soon to be)

All in red are not yet written or laid out (but will be soon)

And after a week or so of sluggishness, I'm getting back into it full
throttle, so we should be done soon!


*Volume 1*

*January, 2012*

(Uploads of Issue One are currently in progress - the complete version will
be 50 pages + front & back covers)

Front Cover

p1 Intro

p2 Table of Contents

p3 Love @ First Hack p1

p4 Love @ First Hack p2

p5 Whimzy

p6 New Year p1

p7 New Year p2

Calendar of recent & upcoming events

Great Names in Hackerdom

Be Excellent p1

Be Excellent p2

Noisebridge Entrance by Lizzard

Fluid & Seminal (Visual Art)

Annual Meeting



Tastebridge p1

Tastebridge p2

Tastebridge p3 (mycology)

Tastebridge p4 (mycology)

Tao of Noisebridge

Consenso: the Noisebridge Oracle

Tastebridge p5 (butter)

Tastebridge p6 (limoncello)

Carbonated Fruit

Mormons in the Mission

Zine Names

Chess For Hackers

Pirate Party p1

Pirate Party p2

v68k (Josh Juran) p1

v68k (Josh Juran) p2

28c3/Berlin (Froggytoad) p1

28c3/Berlin (Froggytoad) p2

28c3/Berlin (Froggytoad) p3

Hacker's Digest p1

Hacker's Digest p2

Hacker's Digest p3

Noisebridge Headlines

Noisebridge Headlines

Political Hacktivism p1

Political Hacktivism p2 – Bradley Manning ASCII portrait

Political Hacktivism p3

Fake Advertising

Godzebra (Digital Art)

Eugene Tsui – hacking architecture

Tsui cont.

3 Paragraph Essay

Hacker Treasures (think: Antiques Roadshow for hackers)

Profile of a Noisebridger: Tiare Ribeaux

Ribeaux p2

Science Fiction + Hacking p1

Science Fiction p2

Zomes by Lizzard

Zomes p2

Geeks & Depression / Classes @ NB


End Credits / Teaser for issue2

Back Cover

Blue = finished, Red = still in progress
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