ZinesFromOuterSpace Chess For Hackers / ZiP1 in Progress

Anthony LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 06:05:23 UTC 2012

Hello Noiz Makers,

New page "Chess For Hackers" just uploaded:


Mario's site seems to be having some technical difficulties right 
now....I'm inquiring about that.

I am still hard at work on ZiP Issue 1, trying to get it finished asap 
after dodging the latest curveballs thrown my way by Life. You can view 
the entire issue so far here <cid:part1.03030909.03030001 at gmail.com> if 
you wish, or you may choose to wait until it's completely uploaded.

The complete issue will be appx. 50 pages.

I've also been working hard on setting up the ZZW website 
<http://zine.noisebridge.net>, where those pages are hosted. Like it so 
far? We still have some customizing to do but it's starting to come 

I sure could use some help getting this started, spiffing up the 
website, doing outreach & networking with other hackerspaces & zine 
communities so that we can get ZiP's name on the guest list. Many people 
were enthusiastic at first, then faded quickly.

That's not gonna get it done. Stay with me.

SF Zine Fest this fall will be a great place to promote! I am fully into 
tabling at the Zine Fest. That was always tons of fun back in Portland.

Sorry to hear about the state of the kitchen. I'm staying away for now, 
partly for that reason.


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