ZinesFromOuterSpace update for the meeting tonight

daravinne daravinne at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 22:00:42 UTC 2012

I'm going to miss the meeting tonight because I have another thing to
be at, but I want to update everyone on my stuff so no one has to go
"herp derp what's christina doing"

*** BIL is this weekend!  I am going to it and I'm going to cover it
and write an article for ZiP.
"BIL is an ad-hoc conference for people changing the world in big
ways.  It's a place for passionate people to come together to
energize, brainstorm, and take action."  Held in Long Beach this
weekend, March 2-4, on the Queen Mary boathotel thingy, BIL is an
unconference counterpart to TED.  Our very own Alex Peake is going to
talk about Code Hero!  Plus Jean Rintoul, a recent 5mof presenter on
biosensors, and Aestetix with his talk on Google+ and the Nymwars.
Many other topics will be covered at BIL including:  gerontology,
commercial space vehicles, robotics, rocket engine development,
cryonics, rationality, creativity, jury nullification, brain
emulation, cat herding, seasteading, saving democracy, geek sex and
relationships, the Occupy movement, masculinity, polyamory, immersive
games, and much more!

 ==== In Progress ====

*** Hacker Horoscopes:  Satirical, surreal, techy astrology column.
Every month will be different. I'm currently open to brainstorm-ideas
on what each sign should say for this month.  Feel free to send me
stuff.  It's only the first one so don't kill yourselves over it.

*** Hallucinogens and Us:  This weekend at Noisebridge, a short
lecture series by PsychedelicSF on hallucinogenic and ethenogenic
drugs will be held for the general public.  I would really like if
someone could go there and record video for the whole thing, partly
because I'd like to watch it and partly for a possible article for
ZiP.  I would like the article to briefly touch on the role of
hallucinogens in history, and get into how drugs contributed to tech
innovation in the middle of last century, reasons they have been
quashed by the government, etc.  Would also be open to counterpoints
about the benefits of hallucinogens to people, though i noticed that i
can't find anyone in, say, the nb-discuss thread who has tried them
and thinks they are not beneficial.  Actually now that i think about
it, maybe the idea of hallucinogens/tripping/etc could be shelved for
a future issue theme? if you guys discuss it at the meeting tonight
let me know what everyone thinks.

*** Games:  I or someone else could do a brief piece on the Made, or
honestly you guys could just ask VonGuard to write the damn thing
himself since he's already a blog writer and could probably bang it
out in an hour.  OR, if you want an ongoing games column i bet you
could rope him into writing one for you.

*** Secret Spaces of SF: http://bigthink.com/ideas/21494 is the
original article, and it has a map.  dunno if this is something
everyone would be interested in having or maybe shelve it for another
issue, or if we need filler we could use it maybe?  i'm not attached
to the idea or anything though i think it could be neat.

I'm still putting myself on the hook for ZiP/5mof crossadvertising.
this is a reminder for me and a reminder for you to remind me when i

I will have a bit more bandwidth after BIL to work on stuff plus i'll
probably be sitting on my ass listening to talks and working on stuff
at BIL anyway.

P.S. I am going to keep all my communications about ZiP inside the
zine list, please don't forward anything from me to the main discuss
list kthx

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