ZinesFromOuterSpace update for the meeting tonight

glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Thu Mar 1 22:47:37 UTC 2012

> I'm going to miss the meeting tonight because I have another thing to
> be at, but I want to update everyone on my stuff so no one has to go
> "herp derp what's christina doing"
> *** BIL is this weekend!  I am going to it and I'm going to cover it
> and write an article for ZiP.

I'm sad you won't be at the meeting tonight, but I'm super stoked you are
going to cover BIL for ZiP! Make a transcript of Alex's talk! J/k, I don't
expect you to play "court stenographer," but I'm glad you'll get to attend
& report for us. Will segments from the conference be broadcast or
recorded in any format available to the hacking public afterwards? Or is
that a no-no kind of thing?

VonGuard - good person for games coverage - NOTED.

Rest assured I won't forward anything of yours to Noisebridge-Disgust.


gl at morTramp

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