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Sun Mar 4 03:45:29 UTC 2012

How do you pronounce "pwn?" I mean, I know how I pronounce it....but how
do you?

What questions should I ask Tatiana for the Noisebridge Profile interview?
I have some (relating to her work-in-progress, such as the Pirate Jacket),
but I need YOURS, too.

David was here w/ the ingredients to make yerba matte ale this eve, but he
wants to wait until there are more people involved. Get involved!

On Monday I'm meeting with a French sociologist to do an interview about
Noisebridge. Did I already mention that?

OH - the most important thing: Oshan - my friend, proprietor of Om Shan
Tea (which is a tranquil & elegant oasis of tea culture near NB that I
highly recommend - www.omshantea.com, 233 14th Street in the Mission) -
needs to raise money for a trial lawyer. Something like $15,000. He has 3
months to do it. He would love anything the Noisebridge community could do
to help - and trust me, he is deserving of all the aid we can give him.
(See www.freeoshan.com) I've already spoken with a couple Bridgers about
the possibility of hosting a fundraiser to benefit him. Maybe you guys at
the Noiz Nest involved with the recent fantastically successful
fundraising campaign for Code Hero could offer some advice or assistance?
It can wait a week or so if now is too tempestuous, but I sure would
appreciate it. I want to help Oshan out. I realize he's not a
state-of-the-art new video game, but surely we can find a way to get
people to care.

Oshan also suggested workshops or classes on tea culture, Chinese tea
ceremony, etc for Noisebridge. He is a big advocate of tea as a substitute
for harmful drugs & alcohol. He offered to donate some supplies for the
purpose, if it comes to pass.

Two new ZLog entries on ZZW. Fun!

Verbose as usual,

Gl at mortramp

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