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Mon Mar 5 03:01:17 UTC 2012

I've shared an item with you:

Francisco - interview: homemade vinegar & cider

It's not an attachment -- it's stored online at Google Docs. To open this  
document, just click the link above.

I'm hoping if I just share this to zine at lists.noisebridge.net, so let me  
know if it works. Easier than individually sharing to each email address.
These are draft notes for our interview / article on his vinegar & cider,  
currently a fixture of the Noisebridge kitchen
Notes highlighted at the end are things needed - anyone can contribute -  
this is where it becomes communal
This will be the format from now on for all articles
Others encouraged to post drafts in progress (if they want feedback &  
collaboration - it's OK to write it all yourself too) the same way
Let's make it standard to put highlighted notes for the other editors at  
the beginning or end

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