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Mon Dec 6 21:10:36 UTC 2010

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 11:45 AM, Seth David Schoen <schoen at loyalty.org>wrote:

> Andy Isaacson writes:
> > The board can meet anytime it wants, if all board members are present.
> >
> > If not all board members can be present, then there's a notification
> > mechanism requiring a published agenda a few days beforehand.  I'd have
> > to look at our bylaws to remember the exact details.
> My reading of the bylaws today is that the required annual board
> meeting has to follow the required annual membership meeting.  (It's
> true that the board can have meetings other than its annual meeting.)
> If I remember correctly, the required annual membership meeting must
> be announced ten days in advance if it includes agenda items that
> the membership will make decisions about.  Otherwise, the board can
> designate and announce it as the board prefers.
> If my recollection and interpretation are right, the board could
> announce that the general meeting tomorrow will be followed by the
> annual membership meeting and then the annual board meeting.  The
> annual membership meeting would have no binding agenda items to
> be decided upon, and would be brief and mainly ceremonial.  Maybe
> Jof could address the membership with a five-minute State of the
> Noise address.
> The bylaws do say that the default is to hold the board election
> during the annual membership meeting but they also appear to say
> that this is not required and that the election can be done at
> another time by paper ballot, which seems to be what we did last
> year.

Would love to meet, I'll be at 2169 on Tuesday if we do, I have a few points
to make below.

 *why* are we discussing holding a board meeting?  The Noisebridge
membership needs to consent on a new board for 2011.  We need to give the
membership of Noisebridge a chance to organize and come to a Tuesday meeting
to do that.

However, as far as I see, we haven't even discussed or broached this subject
yet at a Tuesday meeting.

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