[Noisebridge-congress] Noisebridge apartment in Berlin

Aaron Muszalski sfslim at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 22:00:32 UTC 2009

Slim here, re-affirming my interest in a shared "Noisebridge" apartment.

> However, I'd need to know:
> 1. when you want to arrive (and when it makes sense for me to arrive)

I plan to arrive in Berlin on the 13th or 14th of December.

My partner Valerie will be arriving on the 14th.

My partner Audrey will be arriving on the 25th.

> 2. how long you want to stay

The three of us will be staying in Berlin until at least January 2nd,
possibly until January 5th.

> 3. how long it makes sense to stay in Europe (i.e., what other hack-ish
> events are worth attending)

I am leaving on December 1st and flying to Vienna for Roboexotica.
(December 3-6).

Audrey, Valerie and I will be hosting a "Journey to the End of the
Night" game in Berlin on Sylvester (aka New Year's Eve).

I do not currently know of any other events (besides 26C3 of course)
but it wouldn't surprise me if there were one or two.

> 4. how many people are interested in renting an apartment, and how big
> the apartment should be
> 5. whether you want to smoke in the apartment (I am an occasional
> smoker, but STRONGLY prefer non-smoking bedrooms, living, and dining
> spaces)

I too prefer a non-smoking living space.



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