[Noisebridge-congress] I have never been to germany in the winter and would like very much to know how to not freeze balls

MeTaVoluti0N meta at c-base.org
Wed Dec 21 14:44:30 UTC 2011

>>> >>> looks like it's.... raining and 38?
>> >>
>> >> yeah -
>> >> it's realtively warm for this time of year, at this time ...
>> >>
>> >> sometimes it's rain, sometimes it's snow.
>> >> just around the freezing limit.
> >
> > Wouldn't bet on it though, -10 C (14 F) would be more usual. Use layers
> > like in SF, add a thick outer one, bring gloves, cap and scarf.

in my experience the worst of it is
the "schneematsch" ...

a mix of snow, rain, and ice on the ground,
forming a slippy, sticky, wet, layer of dirt
and salt, which is added to make it less slippy.

can be a serious nightmare
if your shoes are not up to the challenge.

safe trip to germany !

cU s00n

~AndreasS | MeTaVoluti0N MeTaMecHanICs | www.Open-BCI.org

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