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I also love this idea!  I'm way super busy all the time, so any night of the week or weekend means I'd probably only make it sometimes.  But I'd love to join in whenever I can.  I love photography, and have been doing it since I was 6.  B&W and Kodachrome used to be my main things.  Now mostly digital.  I love post-industrial, street photography, and especially urban decay.




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This is a great idea.  Too bad it's hard for me to make it on weeknights.  My best chance is on Wednesday nights, so that's my suggested time.  If it were on a weekend I would be more likely to make it, would people be willing to consider Sunday evening?
As for the type of photography I'm intersted in, all of it really.  I'd be especially into urban decay.


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On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 11:43, Ozzy Satori <ozzymandi at gmail.com> wrote:
> I Want to start a weekly shooters group at NB, a chance to get together,
> share our passion, challenge each-other, and in general photo-geek out!:)
>  If it takes off, perhaps we could talk about doing a group-buy of a decent
> 24 or 36" wide community at-cost printer.
> Fwiw, my background is as a semi-professional photojournalist (weddings and
> events in Rochester, NY), as well as Urban Decay, Landscape, and Ambient
> Street Photography.  A (very, very old) sampling of my work can be found
> here.
> I haven't done much in a few years, I miss it horribly, and I can think of
> no better excuse to start up again than NB:)
> Love Art?  Enjoy Photography?  Have a Passion for Framing, Subject and
> Content, or hell, do you Have a DSLR and want to learn what all the cool
> buttons actually do?  If you could drop me a quick reply with A- the type of
> photography you're interested in and B- The night that works best for you
> (Meet at 7p, leave NB by about 7:15).  I'll make the formal club
> announcement at tonight's meeting.
> Thanks Guys!
> -Ozzy
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