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Kelly hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 16:55:41 UTC 2010

Yeah, the original plan would make all of the current shelves
unnecessary. Given how small the space is, I think that built in
storage will always be more efficient than furniture. I think it's
still worth planning to build shelves.

So, one question though, Sean, is there a particular reason that you
don't mention using the cabinet that the sink is currently resting in?
I thought it seemed fine. Just needs a countertop. And then we could
make an adjacent table/counter with storage underneath.

If we actually have the manpower and resources to go ahead with this,
it might be worth having a small work meeting. I'm around.


On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 07:13, Ben Rupert <meowdip at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Sean, as for the epoxy benchtop I was hoping to get, that never went
> anywhere.  I think at one point the plan was to have a bench top with
> the sink in it which ran the length of the room (so those tall shelves
> wouldn't fit anymore), and to put in as much storage underneath as
> possible plus some wall mounted shelves if needed.  I'm not sure if
> that's still what most people want and I'm not strongly attached to that
> design myself, although it would be nice.
> Ben
> Sean Cusack wrote:
>> Hey peeps -
>> So, I'm thinking we needz a table to put the sink into. Thanks Lilia for
>> giving us a collective kick off our collective fat asses. I took a bunch
>> of measurements while I was at the space today and it looks like the
>> absolute max depth we can have for a table is 26" (the sink is 22"), and
>> the absolute max width is 8.5 feet (the width of the room). The max
>> depth is driven by the idea that we want to keep the big 4 tiered shelf
>> that is on the back wall in the room since its nice for adding some
>> semblance of organization to the otherwise carpet bombed dark room.
>> There *is* a table in the NB space in need of some refurbishment anyways
>> that is 6 feet long and 24" deep. I'm thinking we could take this table,
>> refurbish it, add a polypropylene top to make it chemical proof (for
>> what we'll be using), and cut a hole in it for the sink. If anyone
>> really whines that the table has gone missing, I'd be happy to make
>> another one to replace it for the space (although I think we have plenty
>> of tables to go around for the moment).
>> What I'd really like to know from you guys is: is 24"/6 feet long
>> enough? Realize that we'll lose ~3 feet to sink, so we'll effectively
>> have only ~3 feet of space for other developing stuff. Is this enough?
>> Also realize that even if we gained more space by building our own 8.5
>> foot table, the extra 2.5 feet would be on the other side of the sink.
>> FWIW, I'm kind of partial to leaving the other 2.5 feet open for now and
>> leaving it as room for future expansion (shelving/fridge/etc.), but I'm
>> not a film developer (yet!)
>> Sean
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