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Sean Cusack sean.p.cusack at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 17:26:54 UTC 2010

On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Kelly <hurtstotouchfire at gmail.com> wrote:

> Yeah, the original plan would make all of the current shelves
> unnecessary. Given how small the space is, I think that built in
> storage will always be more efficient than furniture. I think it's
> still worth planning to build shelves.

That's a good point (Ben & Kelly!) - and it will probably give us a lot more
counter surface area as a result. I'll plan on the tall shelving unit
vanishing and having it replaced by wall hanging/floating shelves.

> So, one question though, Sean, is there a particular reason that you
> don't mention using the cabinet that the sink is currently resting in?
> I thought it seemed fine. Just needs a countertop. And then we could
> make an adjacent table/counter with storage underneath.

I'm not against using the cabinet that is there - I was just thinking from a
building perspective it would be a little harder since any other tables
would need to be at the same height/level so you don't dump stuff all over
the place in the dark. If it was a single piece countertop, this problem
would go away. Also, I kind of thought the doors on the cabinet would be a
liability for storage (the space would need to be clean enough to allow the
doors to open). However, if the underside of the table was just open, and
items were stacked there on shelving, it would be much easier to access even
though it wouldn't be as pretty. Although we could just rip the doors off
the cabinet, its kind of a waste of doors IMO, especially if that cabinet
can be used in its current form elsewhere in the space (I think Miloh was
eyeing it for the kitchen if we didn't need it).

> If we actually have the manpower and resources to go ahead with this,
> it might be worth having a small work meeting. I'm around.

This sounds like a good idea. How's Tuesday the 10th sound after the NB
member meeting? I think it just needs to be a 30 minute diggity to get some
ideas out there for anyone that is interested. Sound OK?

> -Kelly
> On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 07:13, Ben Rupert <meowdip at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hey Sean, as for the epoxy benchtop I was hoping to get, that never went
> > anywhere.  I think at one point the plan was to have a bench top with
> > the sink in it which ran the length of the room (so those tall shelves
> > wouldn't fit anymore), and to put in as much storage underneath as
> > possible plus some wall mounted shelves if needed.  I'm not sure if
> > that's still what most people want and I'm not strongly attached to that
> > design myself, although it would be nice.
> >
> > Ben
> >
> >
> > Sean Cusack wrote:
> >> Hey peeps -
> >>
> >> So, I'm thinking we needz a table to put the sink into. Thanks Lilia for
> >> giving us a collective kick off our collective fat asses. I took a bunch
> >> of measurements while I was at the space today and it looks like the
> >> absolute max depth we can have for a table is 26" (the sink is 22"), and
> >> the absolute max width is 8.5 feet (the width of the room). The max
> >> depth is driven by the idea that we want to keep the big 4 tiered shelf
> >> that is on the back wall in the room since its nice for adding some
> >> semblance of organization to the otherwise carpet bombed dark room.
> >>
> >> There *is* a table in the NB space in need of some refurbishment anyways
> >> that is 6 feet long and 24" deep. I'm thinking we could take this table,
> >> refurbish it, add a polypropylene top to make it chemical proof (for
> >> what we'll be using), and cut a hole in it for the sink. If anyone
> >> really whines that the table has gone missing, I'd be happy to make
> >> another one to replace it for the space (although I think we have plenty
> >> of tables to go around for the moment).
> >>
> >> What I'd really like to know from you guys is: is 24"/6 feet long
> >> enough? Realize that we'll lose ~3 feet to sink, so we'll effectively
> >> have only ~3 feet of space for other developing stuff. Is this enough?
> >> Also realize that even if we gained more space by building our own 8.5
> >> foot table, the extra 2.5 feet would be on the other side of the sink.
> >>
> >> FWIW, I'm kind of partial to leaving the other 2.5 feet open for now and
> >> leaving it as room for future expansion (shelving/fridge/etc.), but I'm
> >> not a film developer (yet!)
> >>
> >> Sean
> >>
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