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miloh miloh at froggytoad.net
Sun May 5 22:47:21 UTC 2013

oops more responses threaded in,

> A message went out recently (via Miloh) about Maker Faire, which will be a
> great opportunity to showcase this machine provided we can get it some
> degree of up and running by that time.  I'm awaiting word back about
> possible out of town work obligations for around the same time as the fair
> (May 18th & 19th).  My attendance notwithstanding, think about signing on
> for a day or more of representing the Digital Archivists Group and its
> debut project.  I'm told it's most definitely an event worth attending, in
> any capacity.

I will get tickets out to anyone in the DA-list who wants to sign up
for any available slots for 2x 2hour shifts during the weekend.
Requirements are to staff the booth and introduce noisebridge, and of
course the DA group to people coming by. I hope to see the bookscanner
there!  Finally ,as a perk the job includes free sudomate which I'm
buying from sudoroom for the event.

> For those of you who would like to offset some of the costs of this
> project, I would say just toss me some PayPal or cash contributions, but I
> think we can come up with a more comprehensive system than "paying Danny
> back," one which not only organizes expenses but provides a platform for
> receiving future contributions.  Food for thought (and possible agenda
> item of next meeting).  For what it's worth, the bill for the kit came to
> $527.13 USD ($577.13 USD -$50 discount), and Daniel Reetz' preferred
> camera model (at least as of May 2010) -- the Canon Powershot A590 -- goes
> for anywhere from $25 to $75 a piece on ebay.  Glass will be cheap or free
> if it can be salvaged from existing derelict hardware, an idea of
> Felipe's.  Triggering mechanisms I have not looked into at all...

I'm going to help out with the glass and pitch in $30-60 depending on
what other people contribute.  I haven't asked the general group for
contributions yet, I would still count on at least $100 coming in from
generous benefactors at large.

> That said, perhaps folks could do a little homework on what components to
> get next and why, maybe poke around the DIYBS forum, and we can rendezvous
> for another build day and Maker Faire discussion when schedules permit.
> In the meantime, I hereby christen this brainstorm central.  Discuss.

Is anyone else on the DIYBS forums yet?  Years of history talking
about the project being used all over the world.

> Cheers,
> -Danny
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