[Fab] Laser room ventilation

rachel lyra hospodar rachel at mediumreality.com
Wed Mar 9 07:49:54 UTC 2011

Hey y'all,

I found the fans I have been thinking of for added ventilation in the
laser room and I think they will work out. There are two, they are small
but powerful.

The way I picture it, there would be an intake fan on the opening that
looks onto the classrooms, and an exhaust fan in the window to the
outdoors, next to the duct.  The purpose of this additional ventilation
system would be to encourage airflow moving outside from the laser room.
 In order for it to work we have to close the room up a little, although
I think just putting an outward facing fan in the window would help a
lot.  I will get to this one day, but if anyone wants to tackle it
sooner, those fans are in the laser room in a corner.


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