[Noisebridge-announce] cyborg meeting tomorrow

Eric Boyd mrericboyd at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 19 23:02:02 UTC 2009

Hi Noisebridge!

We're going to have our first cyborg meeting in several weeks, now that 
we're all back from burning man and the crazyiness has at least settled 
down a bit.  Cyborg meetings are at 11am on Sunday mornings.

This will be the first cyborg meeting at the new space, 2169 Mission 
Street.  If you haven't been to the new space, it's only about 2 blocks 
from the old space, south down Mission Street on the left hand side.  If 
you had a key to the old space, it will work for both the new front gate 
and the door on the 3rd floor.  Otherwise, there appears to be a NB 
intercom to the right of the door (although I'm not certain how audible 
that is upstairs?)


Several people have told me that they intend to buy a North Paw V1.0 Kit 
at this meeting, so there will be some hot hot soldering action :-).

If you haven't been to a cyborg meeting, basically we do a round of show 
& tell where people can demo anything they have or have done recently, 
and then we break off and hack on whatever is our latest passion - you 
can check out more on the wiki:



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