[Noisebridge-announce] Urban Spelunking Trip Tuesday, 5:15 SF

alexhandy alexhandy at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 20:08:08 UTC 2009

This is a final reminder to let everyone know that the urban  
spelunking tour will begin tomorrow at 5:15 PM SHARP at 4th and Howard  
in San Francisco. We will meet in the little concrete and bench park  
there on the corner, next to the Metreon.

All are welcome, but this will be a whirlwind tour, so we'll be  
walking quite fast. Bring comfy shoes. Again, some portions of the  
tour are wheelchair accessible, but not all. It should be about 75%  

This will not require too much trespassing, and if you're all very  
nice and well behaved, I will take you to find Waldo.

My phone number is 510-282-4840 if you have to txt me at the last  
minute and say "Oh, I'll be late..."

Not that we'll wait for you...

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