[Noisebridge-discuss] RE: noisebridge money stuff

Meredith L. Patterson mlp at thesmartpolitenerd.com
Fri Feb 8 09:52:20 UTC 2008

Rachel McConnell wrote:
> We have not chosen a bank.  There was discussion of this but a bit of 
> research is still needed; someone suggested a credit union and I think 
> that got on the wiki (Matt took excellent notes and will be posting them 
> soon).  A free account is of course preferred!

If an out-of-state bank is acceptable, I'll gladly volunteer my bank, 
USAA Federal Savings Bank. They're more like a credit union than a bank, 
in that they restrict their business to military personnel and their 
families, but they are bar-none the best bank I have ever dealt with; I 
think the only fee I've ever had to pay was for wire transfers, they 
don't pull the typical bullshit that Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual and 
BofA tend to do with running debits before deposits in order to stick 
people with late fees, and they provide prepaid envelopes for mailing in 

I do not know whether they handle small business accounts but I'm happy 
to call them and ask.

I can also call up Osogato's rep at Silicon Valley Bank and see what 
kind of accounts they offer for nonprofits. Corporate accounts have 
fairly nasty monthly fees, and unless we'd need free wire transfers and 
the other benefits of a corporate account, it wouldn't really be worth 
it for us.

Let me know, and I can make some phone calls.


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