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Geoff Schmidt geoff at geoffschmidt.com
Sat Jun 20 14:21:18 UTC 2009

Once upon a time I had some servers colocated in the basement of a  
friend with a T1. It had some occasional water issues, but nothing  
like 6", and he'd put in a pump. The servers seemed OK there for a  
while, but then they developed stability issues, which I traced back  
to some kind of slight corrosion on either the DIMM sockets or the  

This happened to several machines, and did not happen to other,  
similar machines that were not in the basement. The machines weren't  
on the floor and there is no indication they got wet, so I assume the  
problem was high humidity. Caution is advised.


On Jun 20, 2009, at 1:06 AM, Christie Dudley wrote:
> My house had a basement that flooded.  I paid $$ to get that fixed  
> because it was horrendously awful.  Think "everything we own gets  
> wet" - lower shelves (rust anyone?), lower cabinets (mold, mildew on  
> the wood), couches, any sort of floor covering (have to just throw  
> these out)... basically anything that you have to bend down to  
> reach, or anything that sits on the floor will be permanently damaged.
> I'd say with the 8' ceilings, you get what you pay for.  At least  
> this space is not less than you pay for...
> Christie
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> On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 10:45 PM, Al Billings  
> <albill at openbuddha.com> wrote:
> If anyone is curious about the Odd Fellows as a group, ask me. I used
> to be a member of the order in the mid-90's. (I'm a Freemason too!)
> Basements that flood are ick though.
> Al
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