[Noisebridge-discuss] Should the NB board take action wrt IRC?

Ani Niow v at oneletterwonder.com
Sat Mar 27 01:45:49 UTC 2010

Here's what I would like to see happen:

1) We absolutely need more people with +F privileges, not simply
chanops. One +F has been proven to not be sustainable and I doubt two
(the current situation) will also not be, especially as one of them
has shrugged off IRC forevah and the other hardly visits the channel.

2) These people need to be fairly active in IRC and know the community
well. Having only one person with +F that mostly shows up to fix
trolling problems problems is an unnecessary burden on that individual
and could easily be remedied by giving other active participants the
same level of access.

3) No ops. Absolutely none. When I join #noisebridge I don't want to
see a division between ops (who are usually regulars and irl members)
and the rest of the channel. Just like Noisebridge is set up as a
non-hierarchical system our IRC channel should also reflect this. The
only reason we even need founders is because those are needed in order
to properly manage an IRC channel. Kind of like how we only have a
board of directors to satisfy the requirements of 501(c)3 status.
Founders should use their power wisely and only if they are needed.

4) We should send a formal request to Freenode for group registration.
I know this will likely take months but it's a good idea anyway to
have an official presence.


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