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On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 1:16 PM, rachel lyra hospodar <rachelyra at gmail.com>wrote:

> Re: jim's observations about talking vs remembering
> It's hard to know, in our sprawling cultural biome, how to convey
> information, via sign, wiki, email, talking, etc. So many options! I think
> that in this case the goal should be for many of us to be well-versed in
> what Consensus means and how we have agreed to enact it. Ideally there would
> be someone or several someones at Every Meeting who is well versed in how
> this works.  Some things around the space are kind of institutional
> knowledge held by one person - you have to track down x person to find out
> about y thing in z corner. I think that part of fixing the consensus process
> in our community is creating a shared community knowledge of how the process
> works - and a shared commitment to trying to make it work. Without that
> last, there's no reason to try.  I think that commitment is part of the duty
> of membership.
> mediumreality.com

I totally agree.

I'm going to be out until the 18th -- if people think there's more to this
discussion than just one meeting, I'd love to attend the next.

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