[Noisebridge-discuss] Cisco 1200 AP help needed for robot

Jared Dunne jareddunne at gmail.com
Sat Feb 5 19:45:43 UTC 2011


I have a netgear AP available if that helps in any way.  It sounds
like the Cisco AP works but just needs config, no?  If you run into
issues with that I can make my Netgear AP available.  It's
configurable via ethernet initially, then via wifi.  If it works for
the project I'd be happy to donate it to NB.

I bought it to bridge with my existing Netgear Wifi Router but it
turns out you can't do that without a second Netgear AP to bridge with
(boo).  I wanted it to act as a "client" on my existing network or a
repeater, but the best I could do with a single AP was use it to
create a new wifi network for client machines to connect.  Depending
on what you are trying to do that might be helpful.  Your robot could
be broadcasting a wifi network and any  laptops/etc could connect to
the robot network for controlling/monitoring/debugging/etc.

Feel free to disregard if I am misunderstanding your needs or if this
doesn't help.


On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 2:07 AM, Dr. Jesus <j at hug.gs> wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 4, 2011 at 9:35 PM, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>> So you may have noticed that the robot doesnt get out much...
>> mostly this is because right now the robot's connection to the world is a
>> crappy RTL wireless card that's a USB dongle.  And it overheats.
>> But we have these nice Cisco 1200 access point thingies which apparently
>> can be configured for use as a client - and i figured out how to power
>> them but I don't know how to set them up as an AP.  They have a serial
>> port for configuring them but thats about all i know.
>> The robot runs a PC running Ubuntu so it shouldn't be too hard to get it
>> to work, but i have no idea where to begin.
>> Is someone willing to try to get one of the Cisco 1200's to work as a
>> client bridge for the robot?  I will do all of the wiring up of power and
>> such, but in the meantime you can just plug it into one of the POE boxes
>> that have been modified to have the proper polarity for Cisco (opposite of
>> 3Com of course)
> It's probably a waste of time to do IOS wireless configs from scratch
> by yourself, it's a specialized discipline.  If you do have to look
> anything up for diagnostic purposes, be aware that Cisco's
> documentation is frequently just flat-out wrong.  If you try something
> in the docs and it's not working, you really don't want to try to
> figure it out yourself.  That's a bottomless sinkhole for your time.
> The web interface usually generates configurations which work, though.
>  You might want to try that first.
> By the way, I upgraded the 1200s sometime last year to a recent
> revision of IOS which should be fine for your purposes.  You *really*
> don't want to try to upgrade IOS without expert advice.
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